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TorpiPod - The Most Flexible Tripod Mount

TorpiPod - The Most Flexible Tripod Mount

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The ULTIMATE Tripod Mount Taking the Photography Industry by Storm

TorpiPod is the most flexible portable tripod in the market. Perch it on a rock, or a tree, or hook it on to a stick and take awesome selfies – it can handle just about any environment. It's perfect for travelers, photo lovers, YouTubers, outdoor sports and activities.

  • Easily Mounts To Any Devices. TorpiPod easily mounts to any smartphone​ and camera​ - Apple, Android, ​DSLR, GoPro and virtually any other camera, by any manufacturer.
  • Lightweight, Go-Anywhere Design. Now you can leave your weighty tripods and bulky mounts at home. TorpiPod is very lightweight and an absolute joy to carry along when you’re on the go. You can throw it into your bag, and even wrap it around a purse strap or belt loop.
  • Perfect For All Occasion. The perfect solution for selfies, travels, extreme activities, sports, car, and everyday use​​​. It is more versatile than a selfie stick and is allowed in theme parks!
  • Secure And Non-Slip. Our unique non-slip design will keep your device secure and safe. The five extremely durable legs can be contorted to adjust and grip onto smartphones, pocket cameras, and even GoPros very securely.​  

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery (just to be safe).

UPDATE: Because of increased social media attention, we're currently almost sold out, so please hurry and get yours before they're gone! Click the "Buy It Now" button now!

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