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Multi-Functional Nano Coating Spray

Multi-Functional Nano Coating Spray

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Our Multi-Functional Nano Coating Spray uses a revolutionary nano coating technology that provides a water repellent surface to almost any item that you applied the coating onto.

This water repellent property allows for a wide variety of usage ranging all the way from automobiles to household items.

  • Spray it on Your Car -- Protect your car's paintwork, windscreen and mirrors from stains, watermarks, rain and dirt. It can even block harmful UV rays from fading your car's paintwork. Applying on the windscreen improves your vision when driving in the rain or foggy weather. The coating also provides a waxing effect that leaves your car clean and shiny!
  • Spray it on Your Bathroom Vanities, Mirrors, Toilet, etc -- No more ugly and unsightly watermarks. Hate those water stains running down your shower screen or bathroom mirror? Especially when you just cleaned them a few days ago. Now, when you apply this nano coating on your bathroom vanities, water will simply bead up and roll off without leaving any marks or stains.
  • Spray it on Your Leather Goods, Fabric Shoes -- Give your leather bags, wallet and other items an extra layer of protection from water and sweat stains. Besides leather, you can also use it on fabrics like canvas shoes to be safe from water puddles.

The possibilities are endless with what you can use the Multi-Functional Nano Coating Spray on. Furthermore, it is EASY to apply; just simply spray, let dry, and wipe/polish lightly with a dry towel.


  • Hydrophobic effect - It allows water droplets to bead up and roll off quickly and easily on applied surfaces.
  • Waxing effect - After application, a protective layer will be formed to protect from stains, watermarks corrosion, scratches, oxidation, dirt, etc.
  • Easy to Use - Just simply spray, let dry, and wipe/polish lightly with a dry towel.
  • Can be used for car's windscreen, car's body, fabric, accessories, and shoes

Package includes:

1 x Multi-Functional Nano Coating Spray (20 ml)


DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, please allow 14 - 38 days for delivery (just to be safe).

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