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HairLush™ Hair Loss Concealer Powder

HairLush™ Hair Loss Concealer Powder

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Our HairLush™ Hair Loss Concealer Powder gives you the appearance of thicker and fuller hair in just seconds. It is made of natural keratin protein that adhere to any type of hair, and blend undetectably with existing hair strands to instantly create the appearance of naturally thick, full hair. 

HairLush™ works wonder on thinning hair, and in less than a minute, masks all bald patches and receding/thinning hair fields. It provides an appealing, lush body of hair on your scalp. The powder will not transfer onto your clothes and also resists wind, rain, and sweat but removes easily with shampoo.


  • Instantly eliminates the appearance of bald spots or thinning hair
  • Conceals hair loss
  • Makes fine hair look completely thick and full
  • Stays on through wind, rain and sweat
  • Easily washes out with shampoo
  • Will not smear or stain your skin or clothing
  • Natural looking. Not distinguishable even if viewed at short distance
  • Works for all hair types and textures
  • Made of natural fibers from plants, safe even for sensitive scalp
  • Works for both men and women
  • Available in 9 different shades that can be mixed to match virtually any hair color
  • Highly recommended for:
    • thinning hair
    • mail pattern baldness
    • female hair loss
    • transplanted hair

Usage method:

  1. Dry and style your hair as usual.
  2. Shake the bottle over the thinning area.
  3. Gently pat your hair to disperse the fibers.
  4. For best results, use Hair Spray to finish for longer-lasting results.


DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, please allow 14 - 38 days for delivery (just to be safe).

UPDATE: Because of increased social media attention, we're currently almost sold out, so please hurry and get yours before they're gone! Click the "Buy It Now" button now!

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