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DrainChain Clog Remover & Hair Catcher

DrainChain Clog Remover & Hair Catcher

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Never clean a clogged drain again!

  • Universal: Fits Most Shower Drains
  • Easy to Use: Just slide the chain down your drain and it will catches all the hair and prevent clogging
  • Hygienic: Completely disposable design allows you to remove hair without touching it! You'll never have to clean a clogged drain again.
  • Low Maintenance: Just replace every 2-4 months
  • Saves Money: Saves you money and hassle! No more expensive plumbing calls

DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, please allow 5-17 days for delivery (just to be safe).

UPDATE: Because of increased social media attention, we're currently almost sold out, so please hurry and get yours before they're gone! Click the "Buy It Now" button now!

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